Bloomy is changing and we have some exciting news coming soon!

Bloomy is now Bloomyroos!

San Diego, California: Boutique vitamin gummy business Bloomy Wellness has rebranded to Bloomyroos. The rebrand is due to a change in ownership – the new owners are three families, two of which have their roots in Australia but now call the USA home.

The decision to purchase the business started with a simple idea, says Melbourne, Australia-born co-founder Ben Carman.

“After searching for healthy, easy-to-take vitamins for our kids, we found that what was available on the market was either not up to scratch or a chore to take. The label information didn’t tell the whole story, or the products didn’t deliver on their promises. As parents, we knew we could do better for our kids and yours.

Our goal was never just to sell yet another vitamin supplement. We wanted to create something parents could trust and take with their kids. That means transparency about what’s in our gummies and why our ingredients are vital for sustained health and wellbeing. 

We’re proud of what we’ve brought to the market with Bloomyroos. It’s not just a business. It’s a commitment to making healthier, happier families. By focusing on quality ingredients and the importance of a balanced diet, we hope to support you and your kids’ growth and wellbeing in the easiest way possible.” 

About the products

Bloomyroos current offers a range of five different vitamins and supplements, including a Daily Probiotic, Immunity Booster, Focus & Energy, Calm & Sleep, and a family Multi-Vitamin. These can be purchased individually or as part of a bundle.

About the brand  

The name “Bloomyroos” is a bit of fun and a nod to the owners’ Aussie heritage. The iconic Australian kangaroos (“roos!”) is referenced within the logo design and the name, as kangaroos are well known for the extent they go to take care of their young. They carry their joeys around in their pouches, safe and secure for up to nine months, where they feed on nutrient-rich milk.

“Bloomyroos aims to deliver this kind of natural, straightforward care with our gummies,” adds Ben.

“They come in pouches, just like a kangaroo, but instead of joeys, ours are packed with vitamins and minerals essential for growing kids. And what we like just as much is that adults can take them, too!”

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